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Pipedream Consulting
Pipedream Consulting
212 Azure Rd | Dahlonega GA 30533 | 678.986.1581

Pipedream Consulting Design

Design services:

  • Basic website design
  • Business control panels
  • Information modeling and databases
  • Business graphics and image
  • Inventory, finance and job management
  • Calendar and time management
  • Client and contact management
  • Animation and multimedia integration
  • Mobile (iPhone/iPad) apps

Promotion services:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google AdWords promotion campaigns
  • Localization and Map finding
  • Complete web hosting packages

Evaluating your website

You probably already have a website. Most businesses do, and it's easy enough to have a basic site put online with only a couple of hours work. You might want to ask yourself these questions, though:

  • When someone in this area searches for a business like yours, do they find you? Are you in the top three listed results on Google? If you aren't, you are losing business.
  • If you were a prospective customer seeing your site for the first time, and you were in a hurry, would you stick around long enough to read? Does your website create a compelling and immediate impression that your business is the one to go with?
  • How does your website, honestly, compare with your competitors? A client shopping around will look for reputation and professionalism. Does your website convey that better than anyone else's?
  • How do you manage your business information day-to-day? Are you depending on a single PC or office server, or a service bureau? Are your employees frustrated with data entry or reports? Can you adapt the business system as your business changes? Could there be a better way?

Designing your website

I use "back to the basics" design principles for website design. Your website is there to assure visitors that you can do your job well, that you are reliable, and that you have exactly what they need at the best price. If your business has inventory for sale on the web, that means an attractive, easy-to-use shopping cart with great search options and reassuring checkout. Buttons should be easy to find and common questions should be answered up front. If you have a service business, the site should emphasize your reputation, give testimonials, show why you have the "edge" in your business, and make contacting you easy. For art, music, and creative industries, the use of multimedia, graphics and Flash animation may be called for. Every website has a mission and a purpose; being clear on that purpose is key.

I'm an expert at back-end database and information modeling for websites -- making "information-rich" sites that capture the essence of your business and provide tools to help you manage it. Think for a moment about the most difficult tasks you face in your business. Inventory management? Record-keeping? Tracking disputes? (or avoiding them!) If your website can become your "toolkit" for simplifying these tasks, how much time could you save, and how much more would you enjoy running your business? There's an old saying that "the only one who likes change is a wet baby." Maybe, though, it's time to change out your aging information system for a new, reliable, secure, web-based system. I can do this at a lower cost than you might imagine possible.

COST: Expert web design is typically done at a $60/hour rate. I will provide you with an initial consultation and a rough prototype for free. You should also know that one of my hours is often three of someone else's -- I have tools that let me "jump-start" the process of customizing to your business. We'll do the process in manageable "chunks" with features delivered, tested, and approved by you at each step. You won't be asked to commit large sums of money in advance or be "locked into" using my services forever. You own your website.

Hosting and promoting your website

I typically host websites through a reliable Linux hosting provider, with excellent uptime and support and competitive pricing. I can often transition your site without changing your existing hosting provider, but it depends on the features they offer.

For website marketing, it's all about the basics. I'll make certain your website has good keywords, appropriate amounts of repetition, proper location of sections, etc. to make it "search-engine-friendly." I have some tricks to improve rankings, but they aren't rocket science. We can use Facebook and other social-network tools to get the word out and build your network further. I won't charge you ridiculous "SEO" fees for all this, because I consider it part of good design. You should understand in return that building a top ranking is something that takes time, patience, and solid business practice. Reputation on the Web is a lot like reputation anywhere else.

There are a number of "click-through" marketing techniques that allow you to pay money to bring visitors directly to your website. You can advertise directly on other websites, do link exchanges, etc. -- all these may be useful, but by far the 600-pound gorilla in this business is Google AdWords.

Face it: people will find your business using a Google search, or they won't find it at all. The great thing about the AdWords service is that you can GUARANTEE that every dime you spend on marketing will result in visitors to your website. In other words, if nobody clicks on your advertisement and goes to your site, you don't pay. AND you can not only choose what words and phrases to trigger your ad, but you can localize your advertising to a geographical region, which is great for business with limited service ranges, since it's much cheaper to advertise locally.

I know how to set up and optimize Google AdWords campaigns and track them, so you'll get the most efficient and effective web advertising for your dollar. You choose how much you want to spend, and we'll be able to see exactly how that translates into visitors and buyers on your site. It's hard to beat that for advertising!